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Inclusive Rainbow Voices (LGBTIQA+ People with Disability) Launch

Inclusive Rainbow Voices (LGBTIQA+ People with Disability), a new human rights disabled people’s organisation, has launched at the Victorian Pride Centre in Melbourne today to represent and advocate for the human rights of all lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and gender diverse, intersex, queer, asexual, plus (LGBTIQA+) people with disability.

Inclusive Rainbow Voices (LGBTIQA+ People with Disability) or IRV, aims to be a platform for LGBTIQA+ people with disability to connect and be heard. The organisation’s focus is to promote justice, inclusivity, and equality.

“People with disability often feel left out or ignored within the LGBTIQA+ community, and within the disability community our LGBTIQA+ identities are often erased,” says Ricki Spencer, IRV Co-Chairperson and founder. “We want to change that and create a space where everyone is welcome and can express themselves freely.”

IRV is committed to raising awareness about the unique forms of violence and discrimination faced by LGBTIQA+ people with disability. Through their advocacy work, they hope to influence policies and practices to create a safer and more inclusive society.

Jax Brown, Co-Chairperson and founder of IRV says, “We believe that everyone deserves to live a life free from violence and discrimination and be able to access the same opportunities. We want to ensure that LGBTIQA+ people with disability have the same access to resources, services, and support as everyone else.”

Victorian Minister for Equality Harriet Shing says, “the voices and experiences of LGBTIQ+ Victorians with disability should always be represented, support and amplified – IRV’s work and visibility is a wonderful example of equality in action.” 

Victorian Commissioner for LGBTIQ+ Communities, Dr Todd Fernando says, “through Inclusive Rainbow Voices, LGBTIQ+ people with disabilities will be heard and their unique experiences and perspectives will be validated and amplified to decision makers. I look forward to supporting their mission of creating a more inclusive, safe and equitable world for all.” 

IRV will soon recruit its inaugural Chief Executive Officer and consult with the LGBTIQA+ disability community to develop its strategic priorities. They also plan to collaborate with other disability and LGBTIQA+ organisations to further their advocacy work.

IRV acknowledges and thanks the Victorian Government for their support that has enabled the organisation to form and hold its launch today. 

For more information about Inclusive Rainbow Voices, visit their website at or follow them on social media @inclusiverainbowvoices.

21 April 2023

Contact: Matthew Bowden (Consultant)

0405 491 359